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Let our de-icer be your secret weapon against winter

Why Us!

By replacing the brine in the Pre-wet spreader tanks with Eco-Thaw Premium you can achieve road surface condition improvements during snowfall to a point where ploughing may not be required.

We Work on Projects of All Sizes

Eco-Thaw Premium

melts ice from roads, paths, cycleways, driveways.

Eco-Thaw Structures

stops corrosion on your structures from rust such: as bridges, poles, lightposts.

Protecting Structures, Preserving Safety

At Brine Solutions we have developed a non corrosive de-icer

With a freeze point of -26, giving you a high degree of frost and snowfall protection.

With a cost level 70% to 80% cheaper than Potassium Acetates.

Eco-Thaw Premium

for Roads, Driveways and parking areas

Eco-Thaw Structures

for Public Cycleways, Footpaths, Bridges & infrastructures

Storage & Monitoring

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eco-thaw premium

eco-thaw structures

A one stop liquid solution

Eco-thaw+ Works Better, Lasts Longer & Sustainable