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De-Icer Solutions

eco-thaw premium

is a unique blend of Brine, Magnesium Chloride, Bonding agent and Activation compound in a particular ratio.

Using this combination as a 70/30 pre-wet application of salt the Eco-Thaw Premium will immediately encapsulate the spread salt reducing losses from traffic, the blend is a strong active de-icer on its own and will create a surface treatment that will prevent snow bonding and will activate a thawing process as snow falls in combination with the salt. Giving the salt time to liquify. This pre-wet blend will maintain a road surface condition leaving a wet surface during snowfall and melting falling snow on contact. Normal treatment matrix should be maintained to ensure continued de-icing depending on snowfall quantities.

With eco-thaw premium you can achieve road surface condition improvements during snowfall to a point where ploughing may not be required.

Liquids are much easier to handle from storage to sprayer, no lifting or loading as with salt. Simply fill and go!

Perfect for Roads, Car Parks, Footpaths, Cycleways

eco-thaw structures

At Brine Solutions we have developed a non corrosive de-icer. With a freeze point of -26, giving you a high degree of frost and snowfall protection. With a cost level 70% to 80% cheaper than Potassium Acetates.

You reduce your corrosion exposure to rain water levels alongside achieving road surface condition improvements during snowfall to a point where ploughing may not be required.

eco-thaw structures is perfect to protect Infrastructures such as: Bridges, Railings, Signs, Poles, Lamp posts

Our non corrosive de-icer for bridges and corrosion sensitive sites

So, Why Choose US?

We can provide a one stop liquid solution, including liquid supply, application equipment supply, on site storage solutions, full season product storage ensuring guaranteed winter resilience.

We have a wealth of experience in winter liquids, from production of spraying equipment, production and delivery of liquid anti icing products.

Storage & Monitoring

  • We can supply product in plastic chemical tanks up to 30,000L and GRP tanks above 30,000L
  • All tanks are certified for purpose and come fitted with pumps and level monitoring system which can be viewed online, and fill parameter notifications can be set up as needed.
  • Tanks can be purchased, rented and supplied FOC as part of a minimum usage agreement.

We deliver direct to you the ready made product!

24 hours a day/7 days a week/All year round. We use our own dedicated fleet to supply our products to your depot storage tanks.

Simply fill your trucks and go!

Is there a benefit when spreading?

Are liquids environmentally safe?

Can we reduce manual handling using liquids?

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