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We have a wealth of experience in winter liquids, from production of spraying equipment, production and delivery of liquid anti icing products.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits over rock salts?

Liquid brine or blended liquids are active immediately, spread is more accurate and spread rates can be lower, has longer frost preventative time, works to lower temperatures (as low as -30) with different blends, combats hoare frosts and snowfall.

Do liquids work straight away, and will they stay on surfaces better?

Liquids as a preventative application or reactive application can be applied 12 hours before freeze or snow event, no activating time required as with salt (45mins), no loss from surface from trafficking (Salt loss is 80% or more in traffic situations in first hour)

Is there a benefit when spreading?

Spread pattern is accurate and visible, with application rates exact and controllable. Saving time and product. 

Will blended liquid de-icers work in snowfall?

Blended liquid used pre and during snowfall can eliminate ploughing and reduce any build up on paths and cycleways. 

Are liquids environmentally safe?

Our Liquids are environmentally friendly and bio-degradable, with 75% less salt wasted into the environment.

Can we reduce manual handling using liquids?

Yes, Liquids are much easier to handle from storage to sprayer, no lifting or loading as with salt. Simply fill and go!

How long can liquids be kept for?

Liquids can be stored for years, no need to keep bags of salt sealed or salt piles dry, no salt barn required. Saving you on , dry barn storage and extra loading equipment, space in yard savings as well.

Liquids do not bounce or blow off the road surface. Less callbacks!

How will our equipment benefit from using liquids?

Less maintenance of plant and vehicles due to less corrosion from blended liquids. No need  to empty sprayers after each run and sprayers can be filled weeks before events.

Will I have tracking into buildings as with salt and corrosion of doors and escalators?

No. Liquids are clean with no tracking into buildings especially good where clean room environments are required, reducing internal building cleaning. 

Do we need to source storage?

No, Brine Solutions will provide storage tanks, pumps, and monitoring of levels remotely, these can be purchased, rented, or supplied free of charge with volume usage.

We always recommend the best storage quantity based on your needs making sure that you have adequate supply and resilience all winter. 

How will I know how much liquid I have left in storage tanks?

Our tanks have level indicators that will notify us and you when agreed refill level is reached and we will dispatch delivery to refill, without you having to worry about stocks.

Can we be sure of delivery during winter?

Our deliveries are in house with our own dedicated vehicles giving us full delivery control.

Can you supply sprayers?

Yes, we can offer a variety of options when it comes to sprayers, from knap-sack type, push along pedestrian and vehicle mounted we can provide the best solution for you.

What quantities can we purchase?

Brine Solutions can provide liquid de-icers in 20 litre cans for small requirements all the way to 60,000 Litre bulk supplies and everything in between. All customers small or large can use liquids to benefit their business and keep their paths and roads safe during winter weather.